Alphabet Radio Album Review by Scott Phillips (Blackbird Studio)

I sat down this evening to listen to the new Edge Effect album, Alphabet Radio. I had to stop the first song “All Night” after the first chorus and look down at what was playing. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t accidentally listening to Michael Jackson, circa “Off The Wall”(Which is a standard in my playlist). It was something right along the lines of the groove you hear on “Get On The Floor”. The influences of that older 70s sound, groove, and feel that make you want to do just that…get on the floor and dance.

Channeling Stevie Wonder, “Get On Down” with it’s lead vocal and funky rhythm tracks have everything you’d want in that organic sound. It sounds like the backbone of something playing at a party that you really don’t want to miss out on.

The romantic song, “Biggest Fan”, could be right out of a Teddy Pendergrass album. It’s very clear the soulful singer’s influence on this track. The song is a mixture of soul and R&B with silky background vocals that any woman out there listening would want written about her.

Adding special guests Marc Broussard, Shoshana Bean, and Mindi Abair add an amazing touch to what is already stellar harmonies and emotional vocals. You can really believe what they’re singing. Their soulful vocals and delivery on such songs like “Mercury” and “Wavin Goodbye” are what’s missing in today’s music.

Hearing the Bob Marley Reggae-styled groove of “Smile(Stand Up)” really makes you do exactly that. Stand up and smile. It’s a tune that will have their crowds at shows doing just that.

All in all, The Edge Effect have put together a collection of songs that go from old school soul to funky dance. Songs that bring together something you don’t hear everyday on the radio. Songs that you can feel. Songs that you can believe their message. Songs that are right out of a different decade, but with pristine audio quality heard in today’s hits. It’s not everyday that an album with such emotion with artists staying true to themselves comes along. Alphabet Radio does exactly that.


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