SunFest 2014: April 30th-May 4th on the West Palm Beach Waterfront

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April 25th, 2014

SunFest is, finally, right around the corner, dominating the West Palm Beach waterfront with three stages of live music, an art fair and a 5K run starting April 30. But instead of focusing on the bands and singers you’re already excited to see, we decided to spotlight a few of the undercard acts that are well worth showing up early. Here’s a look at five of SunFest’s best under-the-radar groups.


The Edge Effect (6:15 p.m. May 1)

The URL for the group The Edge Effect is cheekily named “,” which speaks to its desire to be recognized beyond its pop-harmonic panache. The sextet of beautiful-voiced young men is certainly more ambitious and sonically sophisticated than your average boy band, bringing to the group years of experiencing on tour with artists like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett and others. They founded the group to showcase their a cappella skills, resulting in their Kickstarter-funded 2013 debut, “Alphabet Radio”—an album that bucked tradition by layering real instruments over their impressive vocals. For the live shows, though, the a cappella style rules, and believe us: You won’t be missing the drums and keys.

Elementz!! by Sean Perry

The 14th Annual Florida Music Festival Presents The Inspira Project And Maximum Entertainment Group Production “EleMentz”

Experience a One-of-a-Kind, Music Award Show-Style Production Bringing Orlando’s Music Community Together… One-By-One

Featuring Performances By Top Talents The Edge Effect, Casey Conroy, Britt Montgomery, Daniel Polich, Ginnette Ward, Kaila Sharee, D. Lilah, Alexis Kritsky, Levi Jardim, Brooke, and Brie Horner with Special Guest Lovestruck Robot.