Staff Pick: Edge Effect by Rick Allen

So, what do you get when you add instruments to a cappella?

A new sound from Edge Effect — an eclectic hybrid sound, in fact, not unlike a Tower of Power laced with rock, R&B, jazz and some funkin’ soul.

This group has ties to Ocala; tenor Sean Gerrity grew up in Ocala and went to perform with the vocal group Mosaic. Gerrity, along with fellow Mosaics John Gibson and Troy Dolendo, moved to Orlando “seeking more artistic expression and fulfillment,” Gerrity said.

They teamed up with Danny Alan, Solomon Jaye and Karl Hudson.

“We reached out to these other really great performers and strived to merge our a cappella roots with a band,” Gerrity wrote in an email. “We just didn’t know how we were going to do it, exactly.”

That’s when they met Jamey Tate, he added. The producer and drummer introduced drums, keyboard and guitar into their mix, and this new sound resulted.

On Sunday night, Edge Effect released its new “Alphabet Radio” CD with a party at the Satellite Center in Orlando.

The instruments are evident, and sometimes take over, but tight a cappella harmonies remain key throughout “Alphabet Radio.” A double helpin’ of ’70s dance funk in “All Night” and “Get on Down” kicks off the CD, with the smooth-as-aged-bourbon R&B in “Biggest Fan” as a chaser.

“The entire album is original and from the heart,” Gerrity noted. “There isn’t a shred of auto-tune on it. We recorded like they used to back in the 1960s and ’70s: six guys around two microphones in a studio room singing their hearts out.”

It’s bound to have some kind of Effect on you, as it did me.

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Alphabet Radio Album Review by Scott Phillips (Blackbird Studio)

I sat down this evening to listen to the new Edge Effect album, Alphabet Radio. I had to stop the first song “All Night” after the first chorus and look down at what was playing. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t accidentally listening to Michael Jackson, circa “Off The Wall”(Which is a standard in my playlist). It was something right along the lines of the groove you hear on “Get On The Floor”. The influences of that older 70s sound, groove, and feel that make you want to do just that…get on the floor and dance.

Channeling Stevie Wonder, “Get On Down” with it’s lead vocal and funky rhythm tracks have everything you’d want in that organic sound. It sounds like the backbone of something playing at a party that you really don’t want to miss out on.

The romantic song, “Biggest Fan”, could be right out of a Teddy Pendergrass album. It’s very clear the soulful singer’s influence on this track. The song is a mixture of soul and R&B with silky background vocals that any woman out there listening would want written about her.

Adding special guests Marc Broussard, Shoshana Bean, and Mindi Abair add an amazing touch to what is already stellar harmonies and emotional vocals. You can really believe what they’re singing. Their soulful vocals and delivery on such songs like “Mercury” and “Wavin Goodbye” are what’s missing in today’s music.

Hearing the Bob Marley Reggae-styled groove of “Smile(Stand Up)” really makes you do exactly that. Stand up and smile. It’s a tune that will have their crowds at shows doing just that.

All in all, The Edge Effect have put together a collection of songs that go from old school soul to funky dance. Songs that bring together something you don’t hear everyday on the radio. Songs that you can feel. Songs that you can believe their message. Songs that are right out of a different decade, but with pristine audio quality heard in today’s hits. It’s not everyday that an album with such emotion with artists staying true to themselves comes along. Alphabet Radio does exactly that.

RECORD REVIEW: The Edge Effect “Alphabet Radio” by Christopher Long

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All six members of the Orlando-based vocal act, The Edge Effect, already had achieved significant success in their respective music careers prior to forming as a group in 2011. Yet, despite having performed individually alongside such industry giants as Stevie WonderPrince and David Foster, they still were seeking greater “artistic fulfillment.” And the realization of that “fulfillment” is embodied in the recent release of their 2014 debut record, Alphabet Radio.
Produced by Jamey Tate and The Edge Effect at various Central Florida and Southern California recording studios, the record offers ten high-energy tracks, the majority of which are original compositions written by group members, Karl Hudson, John Gibson II, Solomon Jaye, Troy Dolendo, Sean Gerrity and Daniel Alan.
Touting “Who’s Who” résumés, the Edge Effect backing band is comprised of keyboardist Jeff Babko (Frank OceanJason Mraz), guitarist Andrew Synowiec (Michael BubléMarc Anthony), drummer Jamey Tate (Al JarreauDavid Benoit) and Jonathan Bradley on trumpet. All bass tracks were performed vocally by The Edge Effect’s Karl Hudson.
“We wanted to write songs that you could sing along
to after the very first time you heard them.”
John Gibson II (The Edge Effect)
“We all have many interests and influences,
and we wanted this album to reflect that.”
-Troy Dolendo (The Edge Effect)
Highlights include “All Night” and “Get on Down” — both of which ooze a super-charged party vibe, while acclaimed R&B singer / songwriter, Marc Broussard delivers a guest lead vocal on his tune, “Biggest Fan” — a track that is beautifully reminiscent of old school, 70’s-style vocal soul.
Written by Solomon Jaye, “Monsters” is a smooth-groovin’ duet between Jaye and singer / stage actress, Shoshana Bean. Lyrically similar to a recent hit of a similar name by Eminem and Rihanna, I’m not sure which is the “chicken” or the “egg.” However, Jaye’s is an overall better written and more enjoyable song.
Another shiny gem is the infectious, soulful track, “Get Right.” The record’s only cover tune, it was written by Mindi Abair and appeared originally on her 2010 album, “In Hi-Fi Stereo.” And the Edge Effect remake even features a sassy sax contribution from the renown jazz / pop artist.

Alphabet Radio ends strong with the super-groovy and catchy, Beach Boys-flavored ditty, “Come Get a Taste” — rounding out an impressive debut record that’s well-worth seeking.

Operator, get me the NFL — I’ve got a great idea for next year’s Super Bowl “Half Time” show!
Christopher Long
(February 2014)

CD review: On repeat with The Edge Effect’s ‘Alphabet Radio’ by Kat Coffin

“Alphabet Radio” is the debut CD from Orlando based vocal band The Edge Effect. The CD superbly showcases the award winning six man vocal group’s talents with a masterful mix of pop, R&B, funk and jazz flavored songs. Their sound has a great retro vibe, reminiscent of the days when vocal bands were topping the music charts.

Four songs on the CD feature special guest appearances along with the band. Marc Broussard guests on “Biggest Fan,” his soulful passionate vocals delivered over a cool bluesy vibe. “Spotlight” is a softer R&B flavored track with beautiful soaring vocals from Omar Cardona. The bubbling music on “Monster” supplies an ideal background to the duet between Solomon Jaye and guest vocalist Shoshana Bean. “Get Right” takes on a nice jazzy tone with the saxophone playing of Mindi Abair.

“All Night” and “Get on Down,” are two funky up-tempo songs with a heaping dose of soul. The two lead vocalists on “Mercury,” Daniel Alan and Sean Gerrity, add a lot of heat to the pop song. “Smile” has a nice reggae vibe; it’s almost possible to feel the sand between your toes. The thick funky sound in “Waving Goodbye” adds a dark vibe to the song. The CD closes with the vintage doo wop flavored southern soul song “Come Get A Taste.”

“Alphabet Radio” takes several listens just to appreciate a small part of what is going on with the songs. Luckily, it’s a CD that listeners will want to play repeatedly. Just one word of warning though, don’t even think about sitting still, passively listening to the steady rhythmic songs, it’s not possible.

The band has already earned many accolades for their musical performances and their songs on “Alphabet Radio” will only further cement their top ratings. The Edge Effect won MTV’s “Top Pop Group,” Boyz II Men’s “Next Great A Cappella Group” and have been finalists on “America’s Got Talent.”

Music fans can check out the band on their official site, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. “Alphabet Radio” is available on iTunes.



April 25th, 2014

SunFest is, finally, right around the corner, dominating the West Palm Beach waterfront with three stages of live music, an art fair and a 5K run starting April 30. But instead of focusing on the bands and singers you’re already excited to see, we decided to spotlight a few of the undercard acts that are well worth showing up early. Here’s a look at five of SunFest’s best under-the-radar groups.


The Edge Effect (6:15 p.m. May 1)

The URL for the group The Edge Effect is cheekily named “,” which speaks to its desire to be recognized beyond its pop-harmonic panache. The sextet of beautiful-voiced young men is certainly more ambitious and sonically sophisticated than your average boy band, bringing to the group years of experiencing on tour with artists like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett and others. They founded the group to showcase their a cappella skills, resulting in their Kickstarter-funded 2013 debut, “Alphabet Radio”—an album that bucked tradition by layering real instruments over their impressive vocals. For the live shows, though, the a cappella style rules, and believe us: You won’t be missing the drums and keys.

Elementz!! by Sean Perry

The 14th Annual Florida Music Festival Presents The Inspira Project And Maximum Entertainment Group Production “EleMentz”

Experience a One-of-a-Kind, Music Award Show-Style Production Bringing Orlando’s Music Community Together… One-By-One

Featuring Performances By Top Talents The Edge Effect, Casey Conroy, Britt Montgomery, Daniel Polich, Ginnette Ward, Kaila Sharee, D. Lilah, Alexis Kritsky, Levi Jardim, Brooke, and Brie Horner with Special Guest Lovestruck Robot.



Edge Effect Kicks off Summer Festivals by Ilene Lieber

by Ilene Lieber

Florida Music Festival 2014 Presents The Inspira Project And Maximum Entertainment Group Production “EleMentz”

Featuring Performances By Top Talents The Edge Effect, Casey Conroy, Britt Montgomery, Daniel Polich, Ginnette Ward, Kaila Sharee, D. Lilah, Alexis Kritsky, Levi Jardim and Brooke and Brie Horner with Special Guest Lovestruck Robot

Orlando, FL (April 3, 2014) – Get ready for a one-of-a-kind music award show style production when the 2014 Florida Music Festival presents The Inspira Project and Maximum Entertainment Group production “EleMentz” – a musical artist showcase taking the stage at Firestone Live in Downtown Orlando on Friday, April 25. Doors open at 7pm with Scotty B spinning from 7pm-8pm, and the show starts promptly at 8pm. EleMentz will bring together a talented cast of musical artists and entertainment acts fused together with an award-winning production and creative team, graphic, lighting and audio design, video, musicians and aerialists to perform an original production event never experienced before in Central Florida.

EleMentz will feature stellar performances by talented local musical artists The Edge Effect (, Casey Conroy (, Levi Jardim (, Britt Montgomery (, Daniel Polich (, Ginnette Ward (, Kaila Sharee (, D. Lilah, Alexis Kritsky and Brooke and Brie Horner with special musical guest Lovestruck Robot headlining EleMentz After Party (

EleMentz is produced and directed by an all-star creative team of entertainment industry leaders: Executive Producer Daniel Flores (Founder and Co-Owner of Maximum Entertainment Group and “American Idol Experience” Vocal Coach), Creative Show Director Maria Terranova Sadovnik (Artistic Director of The Inspira Project and world-renowned Stage Director/Choreographer for stage, television and live events) and Producer Michael Cochran (Co-Owner and Producer of The Inspira Project and seasoned Musical Director).

“EleMentz is truly the collaboration and vision to produce and deliver a real artistic community of music artists right here in Orlando that support, collaborate and perform together for the

Experience a One-of-a-Kind Music Award Show Style Production Bringing Orlando’s Music Community Together… One-By-OneImage

same common thread that is music,” says Flores, Sadovnik and Cochran. “We are thrilled to create and deliver this one-of-a-kind stage production to Florida Music Festival this year, unite and showcase Central Florida’s top talent like never experienced before and hopefully jump start a movement in music that will create a buzz in this city that people will be talking about for years to come.”

Guests can enter the EleMentz showcase with a FMF pass, which can be purchased for $10 at 06FF85FC39414BD, or pay $10 at the door. All ages are welcome. Catch a sneak preview of the incredible lineup of EleMentz artists on YouTube at

For general information on EleMentz, contact Ilene Lieber with Passion PR Consulting at 321.277.7812 or For more information on Maximum Entertainment Group, visit, and for more information on The Inspira Project, visit

MEDIA CONTACT: Ilene Lieber, 321-277-7812,